Our Niagara Coalition

The Coalition to End Violence Against Women (http://cevaw.com/) is a Niagara Region organization geared towards ending violence against women through their efforts of raising public awareness, fundraising for local shelters, networking with global movements around the world, and advocating for women to share their stories and voices with dignity and truth. A few statistics from […]

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Man Prayer

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2dKbrspkVw) Above is a link to the video of four men living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, reading Eve Ensler’s poem “Man Prayer.” The words as they leave their mouths and pass through the microphone speakers are nothing short of chilling. Certianly, the opposition of the binary, the male yin to the yang, are just […]

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Raise Hope for Congo

It is estimated that 2 million women have been raped in the Congo, translating to 48 per hour, published in a study of 3400 women in an American journal of public health during the year 2006-2007, and is not confined to the Eastern Congo but spreads across the whole of the entire democratic Republic of Congo. […]

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